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About the Author

Jerald W. Young, Ph.D.

Dr. Young has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Change from Yale University. He has consulted with organizations undergoing various changes for over 20 years. Before opening his New York City-based consulting firm, the Center for Stable Change, and going into consulting full time, he was a management professor at the University of Florida where he taught Organizational Behavior and Organizational Change and Development for 21 years.

Personally, he has marched through a generous complement of change including marriage, divorce, children and stepchildren, resigning tenure, mid-life career change, geographical relocation, start-up business, illness and death of loved ones, plus various irrational "leaps of faith." In his book, Young also draws upon the experiences of friends and clients who have had similar "opportunities for growth."

"This book weaves my professional background with my personal experience of change - when I did it well, when I didn't." The outcome is a piece of work that provides the missing link in reversing today's high failure rate of change attempts in organizations.

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