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It is New, Practical, Hopeful, Controversial, Universally Relevant, and it's Overdue.

It's New
Over 40 years of published work on how to manage resistance has fallen short. Why? They ignore the one crucial, "illogical" problem unique to resistance to change: "Why do people persist in holding on to the status quo - even when it is in their own personal self interest to release it?" This is the first book to address this. That's what this book is all about.

It's Practical
This is the first book to give change leaders a clear and effective guide on how to dissolve resistance to change. It separates logic-based from emotion-based resistance and then develops a step by step discussion plan for dissolving resistance to change. It works.

It Offers Hope
The message is clear. You can manage resistance to change. You will increase the success rates for change programs. Leaders can take comfort in knowing that subordinates who resist are not necessarily "insubordinate resistors," but more likely well-intentioned employees facing a serious personal dilemma created by pressure to change. The book redefines the role of change leader. It outlines totally new role expectations that finally give leaders of change responsibilities they can perform successfully.

It's Controversial
Fifty years of prescriptions by the experts are off target - way off target. The experts tell us to only use logical problem solving to "overcome" all resistance to change. It doesn't work. It often makes matters worse. An "illogical" alternative is the solution. This is it.

It Speaks to All Managers
Several times a year every manager, administrator and first-line supervisor asks himself or herself: "Why won't my employees enthusiastically commit to change programs that promise positive results for our organization?" And, "What can I do about it?" This is the first book that gives answers to those questions that actually work. This book offers help to all executives, managers, informal leaders, internal and external organizational consultants.

It's Overdue. Why?

  • Fifty to seventy percent of all change projects fail.
  • Why do they fail? Resistance to change. So say Fortune 500 executives.
  • Why is resistance to change the culprit? Common, logical prescriptions for "overcoming" resistance increase, rather than decrease, the level of resistance to change.
  • Why do the conventional approaches not work? They incorrectly treat resistance as a logical problem to be solved, rather than an illogical, emotional reaction to be dissolved.
  • What is the solution to this problem? This book.


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