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Me? Change? Not Now! Not Ever! -- How to Dissolve Hard-Core Resistance to Change in the Workplace
By Jerald W. Young, Ph.D.

This book answers the two universal questions asked by all leaders in all organizations in all industries:

  1. Why aren't my employees gung-ho about needed change projects?
  2. What can I do to get their commitment to support those projects?

Leaders are Held Hostage:
Leaders' hopes for organizational improvement are being held hostage by Resistance to Change.

Written in a conversational, information-packed style, peppered with real life examples, this book shows how to transform resistance into commitment and support.

Who Will Benefit?
Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever! presents new facts all executives, managers, and consultants need to know about leading change.

  • EXECUTIVES will find change cheaper, faster, & more likely to stick.
  • MANAGERS will discover change to be more clear, less threatening, and easier to be successful.
  • EMPLOYEES will enjoy a less traumatic, more positive, and more respectful environment for change.
  • CONSULTANTS will finally have their advice honored and executed as planned

This is the first book to do the following:

  • Capture common sense wisdom gained from our lifelong personal experience with change, and then show how to leverage that knowledge into success as a leader of change in the workplace.
  • Explain Emotion-Based Resistance to change, including: (a) what causes it, (b) how it distorts reality and sabotages logical problem solving, (c) how it differs from Logic-Based Resistance, and (d) how to dissolve it.
  • Prescribe radically different strategies to reduce or eliminate Emotion-Based Resistance and Logic-Based Resistance.
  • Present a 7-stage process for dissolving resistance to change that actually works.
  • Specify new role requirements specifically for the change leader.
  • Develop a 22-topic, step-by-step discussion guide to help others dissolve their resistance to change.
  • Detail how the success of company-wide projects is threatened by resistance at each step, and how to identify and dissolve it.


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