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Reports Overview

Report: How to Dissolve Resistance to Coaching [Download]
Coaching offers the potential for clients to realize impressive, positive changes. Only problem is, coaching efforts result in failure more often than not. The culprit? Resistance to change which clients experience every time a coach shows up at their door. However, there is hope. This report presents a new understanding of how resistance to change works. Then based on that understanding, it outlines a breakthrough approach for talking with coaching clients to dissolve both their rational as well as their emotion-based resistance. The result? A new-found hope that coaching can realize its potential for good.

Report: How to Dissolve Resistance to e-Learning: Turn the Confirmed Resistor into an Empowered Learner [Download]
E-learning offers a panacea. Learn what you need, when you need it, cheap, easy, fast. Problem: many people resist using it! Why? Is it the "e" in e-learning? Is it the "learning" part? Both? Surprisingly, rational problem solving makes matters worse. This paper identifies what resistance to e-learning is, what causes it, and how to dissolve it.

Report: 70% of All Change Projects in the Workplace Fail: A Compilation of Supporting Research References [Download]
"Failure is the norm" is the consensus of research on the success of organizational change projects. A failure rate of 70% is the most quoted statistic. This is a compilation of expert and research sources that report the success and failure rates of different types of organizational change projects.

Report: Why Won't Clients Take Consultants Advice? [Download]
Conventional wisdom says resistance to change is best handled as a rational problem to be solved. From the late 1940's on, experts tell us that resistance is a sign that our clients have a logical reason for withholding their support. The consultant's job is to identify that problem and solve it. We're told to don the journalist's hat and look for the who, what, when, where, why, and how behind our clients' resistance. The result? A 70% failure rate. What's wrong with this picture? Is there something missing? Is there anything we can do to reverse this woeful track record? In a word, "Yes."


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