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This book is about how to dissolve resistance to change in the workplace.

Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever! solves the puzzle of how to transform resistance into positive support for change. It also explains why this new approach works better than the prescriptions of the last 50 years.

Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever!

  • Reframes the meaning of resistance to change, to include both types of resistance: logic-based and emotion-based resistance,
  • Redefines the role expectations for change leaders, and
  • Relates the step-by-step details of how to conduct conversations with employees and others that will reduce their resistance and replace it with positive support for change.

Solves a Mystery
This book solves a long-standing mystery about why current methods to overcome resistance to change usually fail. It explains how resistance to change is a process that can be managed. And it gives specific help to change leaders and shows how they can avoid failure.

A New Way to Understand Resistance
Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever!
introduces a new way to think about resistance to change. Specifically, it takes emotion-based resistance out of the workplace closet. It demonstrates how logical and emotion-based resistance to change are flip sides of the same coin. It explains why both types require very different strategies to eliminate. And then it gives the change leader practical instructions for how to do it.

Draws on our Personal Experience
The book's approach draws upon the proven ways to handle change we have experienced in our personal lives. The book's breakthrough findings reshape those personal strategies into new, practical ways to understand and manage resistance to change in the workplace.

What Does the Book Deliver?
This Book Gives Managers and Other Change Leaders:

  • Guaranteed boost in your "Change Confidence Quotient."
  • An end to your failure fears.
  • New practical methods for dissolving resistance to change.
  • A 7-Step, 22-Topic conversation guide to transform your employees from "change antagonists" to "advocates for change."
  • Clear strategies to handle your employees' rational AND emotional stubborn streaks.
  • An end to the sabotage that surrounds change projects.
  • Clear understanding of your role as manager, and the new demands on you that you don't even know about (yet)!
  • The missing part of the equation that leverages common sense and past experience into successful change leadership.
  • 101 Tips to instantly integrate change into YOUR workplace.
  • Assurance that never again will irrational resistance ruin your best laid plans.


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