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The Center for Stable Change helps organizations realize change programs that stick. Our work is based on the belief that successful change is possible only when those affected by the change are willing to "play their part" in making the project a success. Unwillingness to "play ones part" is known as resistance to change. Our consulting work dissolves resistance to change.

The result of dissolving resistance: Clear-headed problem solving.
By dissolving resistance to change, problem solvers and decision makers can face the problems of making a change with clear-headed problem solving and rational decision making minus the distortion and distraction caused by resistance. Better decisions are the result.

Typical activities of a consulting arrangement include:

  • Consultation with the executive championing the change.
  • One-on-one coaching with change leaders.
  • Assistance in planning the change process.
  • Preparing each intact and as hoc work group for the "next" stage in the process.
  • A diagnosis of the organization's "Readiness for Change." This is usually accomplished by first collecting information via interviews, followed by problem-specific surveys.
  • Assistance in dissolving resistance to the change at each stage in the change process.
  • Assistance in implementing the change project.
  • Assistance in institutionalizing the change.

Our Goal And Approach:

  • Our consulting goal: Help you increase your employees' active support of your change efforts.
  • Our approach: First create an openness to change by dissolving their resistance to change. Then, facilitate problem-solving of the issues and barriers that block implementing change that will stick.


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