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The Overlooked Success Factors - Working Relationship Skills

From early on we are taught how to function intellectually and solve problems rationally. How to develop smooth working relationships and how to lead a group of subordinate employees often gets seen as "nice to have" rather than "essential to have." 

A study conducted at Harvard asked a class of graduating MBA's to identify the "classes that are most important for their success." The financial and analytical classes came out on top of their rankings. Classes in organizational behavior and interpersonal relationships came in dead last.  Then, ten years later, they surveyed same group again. Their response was exactly opposite the earlier one. With ten years experience they rated the classes in organizational behavior, leadership and interpersonal skills as the most important for their success, whereas they ranked the analytical and financial skills near the bottom.

Relationship Building uses 360 survey feedback data to identify areas of improvement. Regular one-on-one coaching sussions are then conducted until the targeted skills are enhanced.

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