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You have heard it all and seen it all
I am sure you heard employees (or managers) say:

  • " but we've always done it this way."
  • "You just don't understand what you are asking us to do."
  • "There isn't enough time or money or information to do this."
  • "What you are asking us to do is unreasonable and impractical."
Perhaps your employees:
  • Drag their feet when you are trying to get a change project off the ground?
  • Let their energy and enthusiasm sag soon after the change project has begun?
  • Question interminably the specific change program chosen?
  • Lose interest in the program once the newness wears off?
  • Undermine the implementation efforts? And then,the last straw...
  • Complain about the need for change?

These are common ways that employees express their resistance to change. We can help you dissolve this very common barrier to successful change in the workplace.

Examples of change efforts in organizations that often benefit from efforts to reduce employees' resistance include changes in:

  • Working Relationships and Conflict
  • Technology
  • Motivation and Commitment (from Incentives to Inspiration)
  • Personnel (Downsizing, Reassignments, Promotions)
  • New Control Systems (Financial, Information, TQM, MBO, Performance Evaluation)
  • Organizational Structure
  • Procedures
  • Mission
  • Inter-departmental Relations
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Learning Systems (WBT and Teleconferencing)

But We Already Have a Consultant. Isn't This a Conflict of Interest?
No problem. Our special uniqueness complements the efforts of other change consultants. They help you decide what needs to change, when, and how. We help you get your employees' and managers' commitment to make it work. We work along with your in-house or external change professionals.


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