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Beware! The track record for planned change is poor

  • Only one-third of all major changes succeed; 67% fail.
  • Only 23 percent of mergers make back their costs; 77% fail.
  • Downsizing works less than half the time; over 50% of time it fails.
  • 30 percent of reengineering projects succeed; 70% fail.
  • Major new software applications succeed just 9% of the time in large organizations; 91% fail.

Your concerns with your change projects are not unique. In fact, they are shared with all change leaders everywhere. And for good reason. Most change projects fail. A survey of Fortune 1000 executives concluded that Resistance to Change is the primary culprit.

Common mistakes executives make
Everyone gets hit by resistance. However, do not make the common mistake most executives and change leaders make of treating Resistance to Change as simply a Logical Problem to be Solved with Rational Problem Solving. That will only make matters worse.

There are both logic-based and emotion-based sources of resistance to change. They each require diametrically opposed methods for resolution. We will help you put the puzzle pieces together to dissolve the resistance that is threatening the success of your change project.

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