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Why is our company named "Stable Change."

We are guided by the fact that, at its core, change is a stable process. It has a predictable beginning, middle, and end. It feels unstable and chaotic because of the emotion-based reactions of fear and loss we have when we are going through it. These reactions cause "resistance to change." And, as long as we only focus on our emotional reactions we will continue to feel out of control-and be unable to accurately evaluate the pros and cons of the change itself. The Center for Stable Change helps people defuse and dissolve those emotion-based reactions so that they can rationally solve the planning, implementation, and follow-through problems of change. The result? Changes that stick-and, executives, managers and employees whose integrity remains intact.

Explain your strengths, uniqueness, and guiding beliefs.

Our strength is in helping transform resistance to change into commitment and support for positive change. Only then can we apply clear-headed problem-solving to the issues a change initiative raises.

Our uniqueness is a breakthrough, practical method for dissolving resistance to change. It is presented and discussed at length in the new book, "Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever! How to Dissolve Hard-Core Resistance to Change in the Workplace" (Editorial Annex, 2003). The book also includes an innovative, common sense, way for thinking about resistance and a new discussion format for talking about it.

Some of our guiding beliefs about change include:

  • Our PERSONAL experience with change can help us become better change leaders at work.
  • The ultimate success of an organizational change initiative depends on its employees, and their willingness to make their INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS to its success.
  • RESISTANCE TO CHANGE is the single-most powerful threat to successful change - both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

For a more detailed description of these and other core beliefs, go to The Big Ideas.

For a quick description to what resistance to change is, see the answer to the question "What exactly is resistance to change?"

What is the bio and background of the Newsletter's editor?

Click here for Jerald Young's biography.

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