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Transition w/o Trauma

The Newsletter from the Center for Stable Change:
"Where the Shock of Change Finds the Rock of Hope"

Our Newsletter's Focus: Resistance to Change and How to Dissolve It.

First and foremost our newsletter will address how to dissolve resistance to change. Primary target is resistance to change in the workplace. However, what we do at work is not independent of what we do in our personal lives. Hence, a secondary target is resistance to change in our personal lives as it affects our work/life balance.

What will the newsletter include?

The newsletter will include such topics as:

  • Tips for Change Leaders
  • Reviews of Books on Change, with a Special Focus on How Resistance to Change is Treated
  • Interesting Statistics on Change
  • Stories from Newsletter Subscribers of Successes (& "Challenges") in Handling Resistance.
  • Suggestions about how to talk with others to help dissolve their resistance to change.
  • Observations on change in the lives of our newsletter subscribers

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