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70% of change efforts fail
Failed attempts to make major change and improvements “stick” are painfully common today in organizations. They waste resources and add to the problems the change was intended to solve.

Resistance is the culprit
Whether it is reengineering, restructuring, TQM, 360 appraisal, etc, all often fall short of expectations. The downfall of these usually technically-sound change attempts, can be traced in large part to resistance to change that was not isolated and effectively managed. Both management/ change leaders and employees experience this resistance.

Building Support for Change is the solution
This workshop offers a way to overcome this all-too-prevalent problem. "Building Support for Change" is a process designed for organizational leaders, formal and informal, who are interested in leading change efforts that “stick” so that the hoped for and expected benefits of the change program can be realized.


  • More change projects are successful.
  • An understanding of how resistance to change can affect the success of any change effort, throughout the entire change process.
  • An understanding of the specific tasks a change leader must perform, including how to dissolve resistance to each task.
  • A personal action plan for each leader for identifying and managing his/her own resistance.
  • A leadership action plan, including time schedule, for implementing the change.


  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Informal Leaders


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