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Coaching has a spotty track record
Failure is the norm. Research findings indicate failure rates for coaching can run as high as 80% to 90%.

Resistance to change is the culprit
Coaching means "pressure to change." Change is what the coach is hired to facilitate - to help clients make some modifications in how they think and act.
However, whenever anyone feels pressure to change, a part of them says "I don't want to do it, even if it will be good for me." (Have you ever listened to a heavy smoker explain why stopping is not necessary?) This is resistance to change in action.

Resistance to Coaching is universal
Resistance occurs whether the pressure comes from others or from within the clients themselves. Resistance occurs regardless of they type of coaching involved.

Dissolving Resistance to Coaching is the solution
This workshop is delivered in two versions: for coaches and for coaching clients.

  • For coaches: It shows them how to identify and dissolve their clients' resistance to coaching and change efforts using a 7-stage, 22-topic conversation guideline.
  • For coaching clients: It helps them release their reluctance to change so they can realize the positive benefits of the coaching relationship.


  • Improved success rate for coaching efforts.
  • An understanding of how resistance to change can affect coaching success.
  • Specific discussion skills for the coach for managing his/her clients' resistance.
  • A personal action plan for the coaching client for managing his/her resistance.



  • For Coaches
    (1-day workshop)
  • For Clients
    (3-hour workshop)



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