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Click to learn more about the book Click to see your shopping cart Workshop: Dissolving Resistance to e-Learning

E-learning applies pressure to change in two different ways
Like traditional training and development, e-learning forces employees to face the fact that someone thinks we are currently inadequate in some area and need to change. In addition, we must use a new, and often daunting, technology to make the change. No wonder surveys show that learners and trainers often prefer the tried and true traditional training setting.

Resistance to change is the culprit
As a result of this two-pronged pressure, new e-learners experience two distinct doses of resistance to change: resistance to learning the content of the program and resistance to using a new technology. The result is a universal under-realization of e-learning's potential.

Dissolving Resistance to e-Learning is the solution
Using a proprietary survey developed for e-learners as the basis, this workshop gives trainers a way to talk with their e-learners to help them dissolve both types of resistance to the e-learning setting. It also helps e-learners release their reluctance to embrace e-learning as a way to realize the benefits of this new approach to development.


  • Increased use of the organization's investment in e-learning technology.
  • More efficient learning by employees.
  • Trainers receive instruction in using a proprietary survey designed to dissolve e-learners' resistance.
  • Increased ability of trainers to make decisions about when e-learning will and will not work.


  • Trainers
    (1-day workshop)
  • New e-Learners
    (3-hour workshop)



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