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Training implies pressure to change
We are "given training" in order to change some aspect of how we think and/or how we act when at work.

Training can feel insulting and threatening
Being sent to a training session can feel insulting, especially for experienced employees. A "need for training" implies that someone thinks something about how we currently think and/or act is inadequate. It feels like our sense of competence and importance is being questioned. "They must think I am deficient. Why else send me for training?" The unintended message is that, in some way, "I am 'not OK.'"

The result? Resistance to change
Being pressured to change, especially under implied insult and criticism, creates resistance to change. A part of us says, "I don't want to learn this, even if it may be good for me!" This reaction prevents our benefiting from acquiring better ways to perform.

Dissolving Resistance to Training & Development is the solution
This workshop provides trainers with a process for actively dealing with trainee resistance so that the hoped for and expected benefits of the training program can be realized.


  • More effective and more efficient training & development sessions.

Trainers receive:

  • An understanding of how resistance to change defeats the purpose of training.
  • An understanding of how to use a proprietary survey to surface and dissolve trainees' resistance to learning.
  • Skill training in how to customize the survey for their unique organization.



  • Trainers



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