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All workshops have these features in common:

  • Common Goal: Positive change that STICKS.
  • Common Target: Resistance to change.
    We eliminate the people problems by dissolving resistance to change.
  • Action Oriented.
    We not only talk about dissolving resistance to change, we DO IT.
  • Personalized Action Plans.
    Participants develop a plan to carry out specific, personally relevant activities over the days and weeks after the workshop.
  • New Proprietary Methodology.
    Our workshops are based on a new methodology for "dissolving resistance to change" we developed. It leverages participants' experience of how they have successfully made changes in their personal life to become change leaders at work.
  • Educational Experiences, Not Therapy.
    Our workshops are problem-solving sessions. They provide an applied educational experience for the participants. Participants are helped to identify their personal change resources so they can look to the future and ask, "How can I be more effective?

Thumbnail descriptions of each workshop:

Building Support for Change
This workshop helps change leaders lay the groundwork for creating widespread support for change projects. First it deals with change leaders' own resistance to the change project. Then it helps them plan the steps in the change leadership process, including specific ways to dissolve their followers' resistance to change at each step.

Conducting the Resistance Dissolving Discussion
This workshop teaches change leaders how to employ a topic-by-topic discussion guide for helping their followers' dissolve resistance to a change project.

Smoothing the Transition
This workshop gives employees and managers the skills to defuse their natural resistance to a change project so they can more easily determine how to realize the positive benefits it offers.

Rebuilding Trust After Change
All changes violate some aspects of "how things used to be," including the expectations, assumptions, hopes, and beliefs associated with the status quo. This workshop helps reestablish the trust that has been damaged by these violations.

Planning for Change
This workshop helps change leaders bring "uncluttered" rational problem solving to bear on planning a change without the distracting and distorting effects of naturally-occurring resistance to change - which everyone who is affected by the project initially has.

Dissolving Resistance to e-Learning
This workshop helps trainers and learners take maximum advantage of e-learning's potential. It helps learners productively deal with the naturally-occurring resistance to change that comes with doing two new things: learning up-to-the-minute content about work and learning how to use a new computer technology.

This workshop comes in two versions: one for trainers and one for e-learners.

Dissolving Resistance to T&D
This workshop shows trainers how to help their students to take full advantage of the training and development learning opportunity. They learn why all students come to sessions with some degree of resistance to learning. They also learn how to help students dissolve that resistance and focus on the learning experience.

Revitalizing Stuck Projects
This workshop helps leaders and employees turn a stalled change project into a viable improvement again. By first dealing with their disappointment and other reactions to the original effort's loss of momentum, this workshop confronts and dissolves their normal resistance to putting effort into the change project again. Decreased development costs and increased hope for positive change result.

Dissolving Resistance to Coaching
This workshop increases coaching clients' ability to make desired changes. By dissolving clients' naturally-occurring resistance to change, the workshop enables clients to accept feedback more objectively and to change the agreed-upon behaviors more effectively and smoothly.

This workshop is delivered in two versions: one for coaches and one for coaching clients.

Preparing for 360-Based Leadership Development
This workshop prepares clients for taking maximum advantage of a 360 feedback and coaching session. By dissolving their normal resistance to change, the workshop enables clients to understand and accept the need for change identified by the 360 survey. It also helps the client remain open to the coach's suggestions for making changes.

This workshop is delivered in two versions: one for coaches and one for coaching clients.


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