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Pressure to change breeds resistance
Change projects can fail before they even begin. Dealing with the most natural reaction to making a change, Resistance to Change, in the earliest stages of planning can avert failure later.

Clear-headed problem solving is a casualty of resistance
Everyone affected by the change must understand and embrace the part he or she is to play in making the project a success. We cannot understand and solve the problems of the change when distracted by an inner voice saying "Don't do it, even if it might be a good thing to do!" This is resistance to change in action.

Planning for Successful Change is the solution
This workshop uses a two-pronged attack on our personal pockets of resistance - first dissolving our emotion-based resistance, then our logical resistance. The workshop results in participants who can conduct rational problem solving on the real issues of the change - without the distracting, nay-saying effects of resistance.


  • A clear understanding of how resistance to change can affect the success of any change effort - even before it is begun.
  • A cadre of employee, supervisors, and managers who are able to focus their rational problem solving efforts on the real issues of implementing a change.
  • The framework for a workable plan to implement the proposed change.
  • A personal action plan for each leader and employee for identifying and managing his/her own contribution to the change effort.


  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Informal Leaders
  • Employees


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