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The logical power of the 360
The 360 process clarifies what change to make, why a leader should make it, how to take the next steps, what's in it for the person if he or she does, and who to turn to for support along the way. As a result, the logical concerns for making the change are dealt with quite completely.

Logic is not enough
Knowing the change goal and the rationale behind it will not guarantee successful change. This is seen in the 70% failure rate of typically well-designed change projects in the workplace. The 360 intervention is no exception. The person still has to choose to invest in and commit to making the 360-identified change. However, a part of all of us is always reluctant to do so - even if it is in our best interests to make the change.

Resistance to change is the culprit
The downfall of these rational change attempts can be traced in large part to emotion-based resistance to change. First is the fear of trying something new, or something old in a new way, and either not succeeding or having it result in an undesirable outcome of some sort. Also, there is the distress we feel when pressured to give up good aspects of how we have always done it. All leaders, managers, and employees experience this resistance.

Preparing for 360-Based Leadership Development is the solution
This workshop releases participants from the "burden of resistance" so they can focus on the change goals and become the successful leaders they aspire to be.


  • Participants dissolve their personal barriers to reaching their 360 goals.
  • Participants are provided a personalized "Readiness for Change" Assessment and an Action plan for managing his/her 360 follow-through


  • 360 feedback participants
  • 360 feedback leaders


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