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Click to learn more about the book Click to see your shopping cart Workshop: Rebuilding Trust After Change

Change bruises trust
Major change strikes the death knell for many hopes, dreams, expectations, assumptions and beliefs of those affected. One particularly devastating loss is the old belief that those responsible for the change can be trusted - whether it is logical or not!

Rebuilding Trust after Change is a solution
This workshop offers a way to acknowledge and grieve the demise of "how things used to be," including the trust of those responsible for the change. This process is essential to "survive" the change, forge new relationships, & commit to their new roles.

Rebuilding trust rebuilds relationships
This workshop enables leaders and followers to reestablish a trust between management and workers. The goal is to realize the hoped for benefits of the change program - given the new working relationships created by the change.


  • A clear understanding of how change affects the trust level of working relationships.
  • An understanding of how resistance to change makes rebuilding that trust difficult.
  • A conscious realignment of working relationships based on the new reality created by the change.
  • Increased trust between employees and their supervisors and managers.
  • A personal action plan for each leader and employee for identifying and managing his/her own resistance to change and trust.


  • Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Informal Leaders
  • Employees


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