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Change projects get stuck!
Change projects fail 70% of the time costing untold amounts in money, time, and lost opportunities. That doesn't mean we have to abandon them, even though the outcome has meant initial expectations have gone unmet, hopes unrealized, assumptions violated, and promises broken.

Resistance to Change causes stuck projects to become failed projects.

The Revitalizing Change Projects workshop offers a practical solution
This workshop deals with employees' reactions to the temporary failure and helps them dissolve their normal resistance to making the change work again. It offers a way to replace fear of failure with confidence and to restore hope for positive results. It helps participants transform their resistance to change into renewed commitment and support.


  • A renewed chance to realize the benefits of the change project - and prevent losing the investment already made in the program.
  • For the organization, the change project will be realized faster & cheaper, be more likely to stick, and have more personal support by the employees.



  • Change leaders
  • Rank and File Employees
  • Managers - All Levels
  • Supervisors
  • Informal Leaders
  • HR Managers and Staff


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