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Change is inevitable
Change is everywhere: Restructuring, Re-engineering, Rightsizing, New technologies, New Strategies, New Software, New Computer Systems, New management Styles, Acquisitions & Mergers, Increasing expectations to do more with less. These are only a small sampling of the pressures to change in today's workplace.

Change is often unpleasant and unproductive
Most people find the change process difficult and sometimes overwhelming. They often fight it instead of finding creative ways to manage it. As a result, the change process becomes unpleasant, intimidating and nonproductive.

Resistance to change is the culprit
Pressure to change is greeted by the fear of an unknown future as well as distress over having to give up some positive aspects of the status quo. Resistance to change is the result. We sense it in our reluctance to "play our part" in making the change effort a success.

Smoothing the Transition is the solution
This workshop offers participants practical solutions for dealing with the problems of making a change. Workshop participants:

  1. Identify their personal resistance to the proposed change,
  2. Separate their emotional reluctance from their logical reasons to question the change, and
  3. Transform their rational as well as their emotion-based resistance into support for positive change.

This workshop offers a way to replace fear and frustration with confidence, hope and positive contributions.


  • For participants, dealing with change will be easier, more positive, & less traumatic.
  • For the organization, the change project will be faster, cheaper, more likely to stick.
  • A personal action plan is created for each employee to aid in the transition and replace their resistance with a newfound sense of personal power and creative contribution.


  • Rank and File Employees
  • Managers at All Levels
  • Supervisors
  • Informal Leaders
  • HR Managers and Staff


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